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Meet Our Team

    Buck Browning
  Bev Coyle
Public Relations Manager

Staff and Management

Day-to-day operations at Fort Ritchie Community Center are handled by a management team and operations support staff.

The management team consists of the Executive Director, Business & Development Manager, and Public Relations Manager.

Support staff members work at the courtesy desk, in child watch and custodial positions, and in other jobs around the center. Seasonal staff members work in our summer camp program.

Our Fitness Coordinator oversees group exercise programs and the fitness center. Exercise and youth program instructors round out the FRCC team.

The Role of the Executive Director

The Executive Director, under guidance provided by the Board of Directors, is responsible for day-to-day operations, oversight of the center's finances, community relations efforts, marketing, and long range planning. The director also forges partnerships with educational institutions, healthcare agencies, civic organizations, and community leaders to further the center's goal of enhancing life quality for area residents.